Advice for the RNC

It looks like Joe Biden has sewn up the Democratic nomination. This calls for a change in strategy. There are two approaches.

The most obvious change is that the Republicans don't have to remain neutral. Before, if they had attacked a Democratic candidate, they might have knocked him out of the race. That wouldn't have accomplished anything. But now, if they do damage to Biden, he would still win the nomination. Also, by beginning the attack as soon as possible, they can define him more indelibly.

A way to do this is to paint him as a picture of the Washington establishment. It would work something like this:

Joe Biden has spent his entire adult life in Washington DC. He was elected Senator at age 29, moved there, and never left. He had six full terms as Senator, followed by two terms as Vice President. That's forty four years. He is a creature of Washington: their values are his values; their perspective is his perspective; their assumptions are his assumptions. Most of all, their way of doing business is his way of doing business: everything is done as an exchange of favors. You do a favor for someone today, and he does a favor for you tomorrow. This explains why Biden's son Hunter traded on his family connections to get a sinecure with Burisma, the Ukrainian oil company.

Donald Trump promised to drain the swamp. He didn't do it. Joe Biden is the swamp.

The second approach is to help Bernie Sanders. Since he is very unlikely to win the nomination, helping him is unlikely to hurt the Republicans.

A way to do this is for a Republican donor to approach a vocal Bernie Sanders supporter (a pundit, blogger, influencer) with this deal: "We disagree on almost everything, but we have a common problem: Joe Biden. If you do anti-Biden advertising, I'll support your super PAC. If it works, then we can fight it out in November." This deal wouldn't have to be secret.

This line of attack would include:

Matthew J. Dolezal gave "25 Reasons Joe Biden Shouldn’t Be President"

1. He supported “states’ rights” to overturn Roe v. Wade.
2. He supported the Hyde Amendment.
3. He supported racial segregation.
4. He played a central role in drafting the 1994 crime bill.
5. He lied about his involvement in the civil rights movement.
6. He participated in the humiliation of Anita Hill.
7. He has been accused of inappropriate behavior by 8 women.
8. He supported the Iraq War.
9. He once called Dick Cheney a “decent man.”
10. He has consistently advocated for Social Security cuts.
11. He once referred to Barack Obama as “the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean.”
12. He participated in the demonization of the Black community.
13. He opposes Medicare for All.
14. He met with a Ukrainian neo-Nazi. (Oleh Tyanhbok)
15. He voted for the Patriot Act.
16. He opposes marijuana legalization.
17. He helped make sure student loan debt could not be discharged in bankruptcy.
18. He has “no empathy” for millennials.
19. He has engaged in blatant plagiarism.
20. He voted to repeal Glass-Steagall.
21. He voted for NAFTA.
22. He is beholden to corporate interests.
23. Like Trump, he bullies people who disagree with him.
24. He entertained the idea of a Republican running mate.
25. He is experiencing cognitive challenges.

The Facebook site ProgressiveOrBust gave "25 Reasons why we should all be #NoJoe"

Most of the reasons overlapped Matthew J. Dolezal's, but there were eight new ones:

5. Biden has close ties to the charter school movement, which degrades public schools and undermines the teachers union.
13. Biden got 5 draft deferments. On the other hand, as Trump proved, it only takes an agreeable doctor to get a medical deferment. Biden votes to send other people's kids to war yet he was not willing to go himself.
15. Biden got a D-minus on the Greenpeace Climate Change Report Card ranking presidential candidates.
17. Biden is unlikely to push strongly for election and campaign finance reform, because Biden’s political career has been supported by Wall Street, Big Banks, and Big Donors.
20. Biden will not be able to carry down-ticket candidates.
21. Biden will not be able to rally the 18 to 34 year-old voters or the progressive voters. Biden’s support comes from older voters (mostly over 50).
22. Biden supported the Trans Pacific Partnership (a trade deal wanted by large corporations so they could ship more jobs overseas) and voted for it.
24. Biden would be a return to the Obama policies and he continues the Neo-Liberal thinking and policy positions that led to Trump.

The Jacobin Magazine site had three more:
Biden's opposition to moderate income housing when he was a county councilman.
His support for Howard Jarvis (the California tax cutter).
His eulogy for Strom Thurmond.

The VICE website quotes Biden: “Guys, the wealthy are as patriotic as the poor. I know Bernie [Sanders] doesn’t like me saying that, but they are,” Biden said to an Alabama crowd while stumping for Democratic Sen. Doug Jones in 2018.

The LA Times quoted a voter: Kristina Hughes, 30, an Omaha voter who is attracted to Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren said, “Anybody who says Mike Pence is a decent guy doesn’t get my vote in 2020.”

That adds up to thirty eight items. That should be enough to get started.

Posted 2020/March/14