Trump Silver Lining

Even if you don't like Donald Trump, there are some silver linings to this cloud.

John Avlon listed five good things President Trump has done.

1. Criminal justice reform. He pushed through the First Step Act, which should reduce mass incarceration and save money.

2. Getting tough on China. He confronted China on things like intellectual property theft and cyber theft.

3. Economic opportunity zones. It provides tax incentives to invest in poor neighborhoods.

4. 'Right-to-try' legislation. It allows terminally ill patients to try experimental drugs.

5. The Music Modernization Act. It protects the interests of musicians.

Here are five more.

6. He ran on an anti-war platform. He disagreed with military intervention in Syria. Hilary Clinton was more open to it.

7. He put a greater stress on economic growth. That was the point of Make America Great Again.

8. He promised to restore American greatness. He liked the moon landing in 1969: our last major accomplishment. Maybe he will come up with something.

9. In the long run, none of this will matter. When we reach human level artificial intelligence (in a decade or so), the effects will be so far reaching that no one will care much about the Trump Presidency.

10. Unlike another President I could name, he has a wife who can never become President.

Posted 2019/September/26