Advice for Cory Booker

The African-American vote is up for grabs.

Joe Biden currently leads, but that is mainly a legacy of being the Vice President during the Obama administration.

The one of the most important issues is school choice.

In Florida, in the last election, the Republican candidate for governor (Ron DeSantis) campaigned on the issue of school choice. He got 18% of the votes of black women vs. 8% of the votes of black men. The Republican candidate for Senate (Rick Scott) got only 9% of the black vote, even though DeSantis was running against a black candidate and Scott was running against a white one. Because the election was so close, the difference between 9% and 18% was enough to decide it. Cory Booker supported charter schools in the past, but has somewhat backed away from it. Barak Obama supported school choice, but was unable to get it passed: the teacher's unions wouldn't allow it. Cory Booker should point that out and say: "we can't win if we campaign as the party of special interests."

This issue is especially important to black voters, but most Democratic candidates are ignoring it. This gives Cory Booker an opening.

Posted 2019/September/05