Advice for Tim Ryan

The Osama-Trump voters are the swing voters. Howard County, Iowa, was the only county in America that voted by twenty percentage points for Osama in 2012, then a similar landslide for Trump in 2016. This county is dominated by two factories, the Donaldson Company and Featherlike. Donaldson employees are represented by the United Auto Workers. These people are Tim Ryan people. If he can appeal to them, he could then say: if we're going to get back the Osama-Trump voters, I'm your man.

A good place to start is with immigration.

Immigration of skilled workers (program H-1B) is strictly limited, but restrictions on unskilled workers don't work. So the professional class is protected against competition, but it gets the benefit of abundant lower skilled workers. This is an example of how the upper middle class has rigged the system against the working class. That should be reversed. Tim Ryan should say: "Let's have competition for the bankers, lawyers, doctors, and accountants, not for the factory workers."

The African-American vote is also in play, at least in the primaries.

Joe Biden is leading among them now, but his hold is tenuous. Tim Ryan could use immigration to pry them away.

In 1995 former Congresswoman Barbara Jordan condemned the immigration policies of the time (that we still have today) because they let in lower skilled workers who competed with black workers. She worried about: "the impact of immigration on the most disadvantaged within our already resident society". Stressing this point could turn Biden voters into Ryan voters.

A lesser issue is abortion. Although a majority of Americans are pro-choice, only about 20% - 25% favor no restrictions at all. Most want no restriction in the early pregnancy, but strict limits for late term abortions.

Still another issue is political correctness. Polls show that most Americans find it annoying, although a majority of Democrats don't. The Al Franken incident opens the door to making this an issue.

The theme to tie them all together could be the New Deal: "Franklin Roosevelt defined our party as the party of the working man. We've lost sight of that. We've gotten caught up in what's fashionable in the media. We need to focus on what the ordinary worker needs. We can't win until we do that." Or, as Bill Clinton said: "it's the economy, stupid."

Posted 2019/August/21