A stopped clock is right twice a day

In the Democratic debate on Thursday, June 27, Marianne Williamson gave a remarkable answer. When the candidates were asked about health care, she was the only one who pointed out the prevention was more important than cure. That is an important point. Ask any physician which is more important: health care or activities such as diet, exercise, and smoking. On other topics she seemed to be from the "visualize world peace" wing of the party, but on this question she nailed it.

In February, Alexandria Octavio-Cortez condemned the deal between New York City and Amazon. She was right. The deal was crony capitalism at its most blatant. If the city wanted to attract businesses, it could have adopted more business friendly policies (lower taxes and fewer regulations). That would have attracted many small businesses. But that wouldn't have produced newspaper headlines. Mayor de Blasio wanted publicity, so he courted the biggest company. This strategy favors big companies over small ones. That is crony capitalism.

Posted 2019/August/14