Idea for Jill Stein

Here is a speech Jill Stein could give.

People are afraid to vote Green because they are concerned that taking votes away from Hillary Clinton could elect Donald Trump. But what would happen if Hillary Clinton were elected President?

First, she would take office with the lowest approval ratings of any incoming President. Next, the Republicans would begin impeachment proceedings against her. Unlike the Monica Lewinsky hearings, this time they would have real ammunition. She really did lie about using her email servers to hide what she was doing. She resembles Richard Nixon trying to plug leaks. These hearings would reduce her already low approval ratings.

While the hearing were going on, she would be busy elsewhere. She almost certainly would launch an attack on Syria. The reason we can be so sure is that she has advocated that in the past. The Republicans would attack her for this. That would be hypocritical of them because they supported George W. Bush when he attacked two countries, but that wouldn't stop them. They would pass a resolution of censure, complaining that she was attacking one of our allies against the Islamic State. Her approval ratings would drop even more.

Meanwhile the economy will be in trouble. The Federal Reserve tried to fight the recession through Quantitative Easing. That meant lending money to banks at zero interest. That was great for the banks: they got free money. But it's done terrible things to the economy. Companies have been borrowing money at giveaway rates and using it to repurchase their shares. That's why the stock market is so high when the economy is only so-so. The problem is that every crash has been preceded by a big build up in debt. That's what happened in 1929, 2000, and 2008. The debt levels are now at an all time high. When the crash comes, her first reaction would be to bail out Wall Street. The Republicans would attack her for that, even though Bush did the same thing. Her ties to Wall Street would make her an easy target for the Republicans. This would drive her approval ratings down to all time lows.

By 2018, the Republicans would see a great opportunity. Since they would win big regardless of their candidates, they would nominate the most right wing candidates they could find. Then in November, they would elect them. That would give the Republicans control of Congress and also pull the Republican party to the right.

After that election, the Republicans would have enough votes to win an impeachment trial against Clinton. But it likely would be even worse than that. They would rather have Hillary Clinton to run against than Tim Kaine. So they would approach her with an offer: she would get to keep her job, if she gave them everything they wanted: tax cuts for the rich, gutting environmental protections, forgetting about campaign finance reform. She would accept their offer, mostly because she wants the Presidency more than anything else, but also because a lot of those things she would do anyway. This would be the worst possible outcome. With Trump, we would get bad policies, but at least we could blame them on the Republicans. With Clinton, we couldn't even do that.

Then going into the 2020 election, the Republicans would be way ahead in the polls, so they would nominate the most right wing candidate they could find, someone like Ted Cruz. That's what happened in 1980. Clinton would face a primary challenge. This time the party establishment would abandon her because they would be trying to save their party. They would rally around another corporate Democrat. However, the party base would have had enough of them and a true progressive would probably be nominated. That would be the one good thing to come out of this. The problem is the party would be deeply divided and generally unpopular with most of the voters. So the Republicans would win big again with a very right wing set of candidates.

But it gets even worse. After winning big in 2018 and 2020, the Republicans would be in control of most State legislatures. That would put them in control of reapportionment. So they would gerrymander the districts to keep themselves in power through 2030. The 2020s would be the most reactionary decade since the 1980s.

If there's nothing much to be gained from electing Hillary, then why do it? Why vote for someone you detest? Why vote for someone if you're going to feel bad about it? You don't have to do it. You don't have to betray yourself. You can vote Green.

Posted 2016/October/27