Ideas for Republicans 2016

It looks like Hillary Clinton will win the Presidential election. Republicans can turn that to their advantage. Anticipatory balancing means voters will tend split their tickets if they know who the next president will be. Since Clinton is leading in the polls and increasing her lead, Republicans can take advantage of that. It also helps that Clinton is unpopular. So with a lot of voters picking the lesser of two evils, this suggests an advertising campaign.

Start the ad with shots of polls showing Clinton way ahead. Include comments from pollsters and pundits that Clinton is sure to win. Then show clips of Clinton lying to congress, alternating with FBI Director James Comey contradicting her. Then end with: "Don't give Hillary a blank check. Vote Republican."

For an ad running in just one State, the last part would show the Republican candidate looking at the camera saying: "When I get to Washington, I'll keep an eye on Hillary. I won't let her get away with anything."

Posted 2016/October/26