Republican speeches: part 1

Here is a speech I wish I had heard at the Republican National Convention.

I would like to say a few words in defense of President Barack Obama. On August 30, 2013, Obama had to decide whether to launch an attack on Syria. At the time we were involved in two wars, in Afghanistan and Iraq, and were still dealing with the mess in Libya. In what was probably the best decision of his administration, Obama decided not to intervene. To make that decision, he had to overrule most of his advisors, such as Samantha Power, who was on the National Security Staff, and John Kerry, his Secretary of State. In particular, he overruled his previous Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton. She had argued strongly in favor of attacking Syria when she was Secretary of State and again after she had left.

Earlier, in 2011, Clinton had argued for intervention in Libya. She opposed Joe Biden and Secretary of Defense Robert Gates. This was on top of her earlier support for the Iraq war. George W. Bush launched a mistaken war in Iraq. Obama followed it with a mistaken attack on Libya. Clinton wanted to add a war in Syria. Obama is Bush on steroids. Clinton would be Obama on steroids.

If you want another war, vote for Hillary Clinton. If you would rather have peace, in other words if you are sane, vote for Donald Trump.

Posted 2016/July/27