Republican speeches: part 2

Here is another speech I wish I had heard at the Republican National Convention.

When I was a boy back in the 1950s, I read comic books. I'm missing Comic-Con. There was one about an American soldier in Europe after World War II. He befriended a boy and gave him some money. He said: "This is American money. Good anywhere." Thinking back on it, that is no longer true. When it was true, America was great. In 1971, when President Nixon suspended convertibility to gold, many people in foreign countries stopped accepting dollars.

In 1945 America was the only country with nuclear weapons. When that was true, America was great. Today eight other countries have them.

In 1950 America produced half the world's wealth with only 5% of the world's population. When that was true, America was great. We've been losing ground since then. We only have about half as much now.

In the Great Depression, birth rates fell. Having a baby is giving a hostage to the future. During the Depression people stopped trusting the future. In the recent recession, birth rates dropped again. Even though the government says the economy has recovered, the birth rates haven't. People are more depressed today than at any time since, well the Depression.

In 1969, America landed a man on the moon. When that happened, America was great. Since then, we've lost. Vietnam. The Panama Canal.

The theme of this campaign has been "Make America Great Again". The opposition party, also known as the Democrats, have replied that America is already great. Well, maybe. But we have lost a lot. The first step towards getting it back will be in November.

Posted 2016/August/25