Questions for Presidential Debates

Here are some questions I would like to be asked during the Presidential debates.

1. Looking back over your career, what would you say was your biggest mistake and what did you learn from it?

2. Of all the skills needed to be a good President, which one is the most important?

3. What question should a newly elected President ask before taking office?

4. The last three presidents had problems with administration. Under Barack Obama, the Deepwater Horizon spill showed that the Oil Spill Response Plan was out of date and had never been properly reviewed. Under George W. Bush, Hurricane Katrina showed the same lack of preparation. The Iraq war showed that the Army hadn't been properly equipped. Bill Clinton needed three tries to get an Attorney General confirmed, because the first two hadn't been properly vetted. In addition, his Secretary of Agriculture was forced to resign because he had accepted gifts from the companies he was supposed to regulate. If you were President, how would you fix this?

5. What policies could be adopted now that would most improve things fifty years from now?

6. Political candidates present plans and make promises, but they hardly ever are realized. Plans get greatly modified and promises are forgotten. Barak Obama opposed an individual mandate for health insurance. He also opposed same sex marriage. George W. Bush condemned Bill Clinton for engaging in nation building. After he was elected, he did it himself in Afghanistan, then in Iraq. The most notorious example was: "read my lips, no new taxes". Given that track record, why should voters pay any attention to candidates' plans and promises?

7. Since every political proposal will get modified in the political process through compromise, which types of policies are amenable to politics and which should be left outside of government?

8. Do people in authority generally have enough information to make good decisions?

9. What is the purpose of government? What would be lost if we didn't have it?

10. What makes America special, different from other countries? What is the most important thing?

Posted 2015/November/08