Advice for Sharron Angle

The election is two weeks away and Sharron Angle is locked in a very close battle with Harry Reid. Here is an idea for a TV ad.

The main problem is that Nevada has a "None of these" line on the ballot. That means that a voter can vote against all the candidates rather than in favor of one of them. Harry Reid has been running negative ads against Sharron Angle so that those opposed to him would vote for "None of these" rather than Sharron Angle, thus splitting the anti-incumbent vote. To counter that strategy, she need to run ads that stress the differences between the candidates. Here is my idea:

The screen begins with a standard picture of Harry Reid on the left and one of Sharron Angle on the right. When the narrator talks about Harry Reid, his picture is enlarged and made brighter, similarly when Sharron Angle is discussed.

The narrator says: "There are two candidates: Harry Reid ... and Sharron Angle. Harry Reid wants to be popular. Sharron Angle doesn't care. Harry Reid became very popular. He became the majority leader. Sharron Angle ... not so much." At this point the screen is partly overlaid with newspaper headlines like "Bill passes 41-Angle". The narrator continues: "When it came to taxes, Harry Reid supported Obama's plan to raise taxes on high income people, even though it would hurt the Las Vegas tourist industry. When it came to taxes, Sharron Angle led the fight to save the Constitutional limitation on taxes." Here the screen is overlaid with headlines about "Angle v Guinn". The narrator concludes with: (picture of Harry Reid) "Are we sending someone to Washington to join the club" (picture of Sharron Angle) "or to join the fight?"

I got the idea for this from Jin DeMint's comment "I'm coming here to join the fight, not join the club."

Posted 2010/October/19