Conservative Beauties

Time magazine recently did a cover story on Ann Coulter. This reminded me of the program Politically Incorrect, hosted by Bill Maher. On that program he had guests of various political persuasions. His usual right wing women were: Ann Coulter, Laura Ingraham (a radio talk show hostess), Kelly Ann Fitzpatrick (now Kelly Ann Conway), and Barbara Olsen (now deceased).
In addition to being right wing political pundits, these women have something else in common: they are all blond and are all good looking. This leads to a question: is it true that (except for the TV and movie stars) right wing women are better looking than left wing women?
It should be possible to resolve this question. First identify the most prominent left wing and right wing female pundits. That can be done by estimating circulation. Then get comparable photographs of each. Then conduct a public opinion poll by an organization such as Gallup Poll to rank them by appearance. Finally, use a test of statistical significance to establish whether the results could have been due to chance.
If the hypothesis is true (i.e. right wing women are better looking than left wing women) then we would need to find an explanation. I can think of three:
  1. Ideological. Some left wing women seem to think that it is a betrayal of feminist principles to pay much attention to their appearance.
  2. Sociological. Attractive women tend to be more successful. (This is true for men also.) To the extent that successful people become conservative, that would explain the result.
  3. Biological. Beauty is a pretty good proxy for health. Health in turn is correlated with intelligence.

    If this result can be borne out, then it could be used for advertising. For women: "Join a conservative group and get better looking!" For men: "Join a conservative group and meet better looking women!"

    Posted 2005/June/03