How to Win in 2004

I found some interesting things in the political magazines I read.
  1. Some Republicans have been donating money to Ralph Nader's campaign. The purpose is to draw off enough votes from Kerry to get Bush reelected.
  2. George Soros has said that he wants to defeat George Bush and will spend whatever it takes to do so. His net worth is billions of dollars. He has already committed $15 million to liberal groups.
  3. Many conservatives are unhappy with Bush's performance. The main reasons are the increase in spending and the war in Iraq.
  4. Kerry would have a hard time getting the votes of those conservatives. He hasn't called for spending cuts. If anything, he wants more spending. He also voted for the war in Iraq and supports the occupation. He wants to turn it over to the UN, but they won't take it.
  5. The Washington Monthly (May 2004) reported that Republicans are using 501(c) groups to allow issue groups to spend unlimited amounts of money to influence the election. They are supposed to advertise only for issues, not candidates, but in practice they do mention candidates. Also, they are not supposed to coordinate their campaigns with those of the candidates, but in practice they do.
This suggests a strategy:
  1. The Libertarian Party should stress spending limits and the occupation of Iraq.
  2. Someone should suggest to George Soros and others like him that they should set up a 501(c) organization to support the Libertarian Party.
I estimate that for $100 million the Liberation Party would get 5% to 10% of the vote. That would probably be enough to swing the election. For $900 million the party would get about a third of the vote. That would be enough to drop Bush to third place. Does anyone have George Soros' telephone number?

Posted 2004/Oct/21