Tom Mahon: various topics

Strategy for the Republicans
Columbus Day
Ukraine part 2
Turning Back the Clock
Donald Trump R.I.P.
Why Biden is Winning
Strategies for a Republican Congress
Ending Lockdown in Georgia
Advice for the corona virus
Advice For The RNC
The Democratic B's
Republican Impeachment Strategy
Bet on Biden
Surprised by Trump
Democratic Donald Trumps
Definitions of Capitalism
Democratic Debate
Supply Side vs. Trickle Down Economics
Political Masochism
Trump Silver Lining
Luck and Reward
The Upper Middle Class
Advice for Cory Booker
Advice for Tulsi Gabbard
Advice for Tim Ryan
A Stopped Clock is Right Twice a Day
Ideas for Republican strategy for 2018
Erasing disks
Idea for Jill Stein
Ideas for Republicans 2016
Ideas for the Trump campaign
Republican speeches: part 3
Republican speeches: part 2
Republican speeches: part 1
Trump vs. Clinton vs. Sanders
Questions for Presidential Debates
Advice for Rand Paul
College Sports
The Tonya Harding - Nancy Kerrigan Affair
Strategy for the Fiscal Cliff
Twas Eleven Days Before Christmas
Advice for Carly Fiorina
Advice for Sharron Angle
Advice for Republicans
Engineers as Presidents
Psychology of Prohibition
Philosophy and Movies
Conservative Beauties
Michael Jackson
Why Kerry
Economics as Values
How to Win in 2004
Bush vs. Kerry
The War in Iraq
Presidents by Century

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